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Time to Celebrate

{On August 20, 2014 I posted this on Facebook.} Yesterday my best friend died. I have had plenty of time to beg, plead, and hope for God’s healing hand to rest upon my dad. But now it is Job’s words that rests upon my lips: “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed […]

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The Unexpected

Dad sat at the edge of the couch with his eyes tightly closed. He was using what little energy he had just to keep his frail, 135 pound body, upright.  I wrapped my arms around the sides of his chest, my fingers sinking deep between the ridges of his rib cage. Tears consumed my ability to see. Just over 365 days ago […]

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We are moving to NYC!

It was December 2009.  Kim and I were walking through Union Square after a magical night of Broadway and decadent chocolate consumption. Kim looked at me and asked a question that caught me completely off guard. “Would you ever want to plant a church in NYC?” Inside my chest screamed, “YES!” But I said, “Yeah, […]

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Learning life lessons through loss

Today is March 25th. For most of you, today will routinely tick by. It will be another day of overcommitted schedules, complex decision making, and trying to discover the answer to the oppressive and reoccurring question, “What’s for dinner?” For Kim and me, March 25th is a much different day. Caden, our son, would have […]

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5 Reasons I Skip Valentine’s Day

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And for millions of people, today is filled with chaotic shopping, last-minute phone calls ordering flowers, searching for that perfect card from depleted card racks, and searching for a restaurant that still has dinner reservation availability. For Kim and me, […]

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