Welcome! I am glad you stopped by. Please know that this is a space where I can process, express, and connect. I do not presume to have all the answers or that my insights do not contain flaws.  What I do promise is that this is a space where people can read, think, challenge, question, and feel free to engage. My goal with this page is to help give insights into who I am.  If you are looking for more of the professional bio, scroll down below.


I enjoy the writing process. The creative pursuit to develop thought-provoking ideas is where I lose myself. I hope my words will influence those who read them.

I enter into relationships with the commitment to experience authenticity and transparency. I am thankful for those who I call my friends.

I engage in pursuits that stretch me and where obstacles seem to big to overcome. That is why I love the challenge of competing in endurance sports.

I embrace the fragility of life. Because of that, I live life with an urgency and passion that keeps me moving forward.

I escape by jumping on my bike and losing myself for hours, enjoying nature, and having long, meandering conversations with God.

I equip and empower leaders to be better leaders. This is a driving passion of mine.

I encounter God daily in a continual pursuit to know Him more. My goal is to be in a constant support to learn, grow, and be stretched.

I extend grace unconditionally out of the overwhelming realization that Jesus has done that for me.


Kim and I are going on 19 years of marriage.  (Make sure you connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.).  Our journey together has been filled with incredible moments that have taken us to fascinating places.  We have three kids – two here on earth and one in heaven. (Watch our story here: link ) Our two girls are energetic and filled with passion. Kiara is fourteen, and she’s a talented soccer player and is the family’s singing talent. (Her voice is a cool mix of  Joan Baez and Taylor Swift.)  Claire is ten and is a mix between a princess and a fierce warrior. (We have epic Nerf sword fights. She usually wins.) Our life is filled with adventure and laughter fills the house. Disney is a magical place and a good hike seems to evoke mystical imagination.  I am a Triathlete, an avid reader, a Cowboys fan, and a closet techno-nerd.


Chris is a mission-driven leader with 20 years of experience across a wide variety of large, innovative and thriving churches. His commitment to reach people far from God has led him to Las Vegas, the greater NYC area, and South Florida. His proven ability to combine vision, strategy and business acumen with project management and relationship development expertise has been a source of organization development in churches both domestic and internationally. Collaborative leadership skills necessary to manage and inspire hundreds of individuals—both paid and volunteer—to aggressively implement and execute the vision and mission of the Church.

Creative and thought-provoking communicator, Chris desires to connect timeless Biblical truths with the current culture and spiritual needs of the people. Whether it is a small group of leaders or thousands of people across multiple campuses, Chris deeply desires to connect with people – lighting a passion within hearts and challenging minds to stretch their perspective. Please watch Chris’ messages here.

The creative writing process is thriving passion within Chris. He has had the opportunity to create, develop and write with extremely gifted and innovative writers. Kid Unique encourages parents to help their kids discover who they really are. Neon Faith is a 30-day journey that will stretch your faith and move you into action. Check out a few of these projects located on the Resources page.