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Jud Wilhite kicked off a new series this weekend at Central Christian Church titled, TORN.  The focus of this series is the book of Job.  Several weeks ago Kim and I had the opportunity to share our story.  Our hope and prayer is that our story, will help others in their life journey.

Trethewey Life Story. from David Tate on Vimeo.

God gives and takes away. One couple shares about the blessings and the struggles in their journey.



  1. Chris Genders on

    Hey bro,
    Your Dad sent me a link to this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing your story with such transparency. I remember talking extensively with your Dad when Caden passed away, but there were elements of your story that I didn’t know until I watched the video.
    I cannot even begin to imagine what you guys have gone through, but I am confident that your story will impact numerous lives during the Torn series and beyond (2 Cor 1:3-4).
    In Him,

  2. I thought it was amazing and brave that you guys decided to share your story with others. Kim told me that she was hoping that God would use your hurt to help bring healing for other … I know that He has been doing that!

  3. Nick Striegel on

    Thanks for posting this, Chris! It really broke my heart. I had no idea you guys went through this.
    You’re the real deal man. Hope all is well.

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